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Bible Lesson: The Cross

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  Jesus Prayed.  He knew it ahead of time that he was going to be nailed to the cross soon suffering death. The Romans executed the worst criminals by crucifixion.  Jesus was punished, even though he was innocent.  He was crucified with two other criminals, but he did no wrong. It was a very painful […]

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Doll Reed

Just for Girls

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  There are many strong women in the Bible who served God faithfully and without question.  This post, Just for Girls, is about how one woman controlled an army 10,000 soldiers. The word Judges in This Book means leader or ruler.  Deborah was a prophet who spoke on behalf of God.  Deborah was a judge […]

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Bible Story: Coat of Many Colors

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  Joseph, a young man of seventeen, was looking after the flock with his brothers, the son of Bilhah and the sons of Zilpah.  He gave his father a bad report about them. Now Isreal loved Joseph more than the other sons because he had been born when his father was older.  His father also […]

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Sister Gloria (Doll) Reed

3 Most Important Things to Have in 2017

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  The three most important things to have are: Faith, Hope, Love but the greatest of the these is Love  Corinthians 13:13 In 2017 we will be betting to know Jesus through the Adventure Bible.  Our theme for this year will be the Good Christian.  When you love Jesus with all the love you can […]

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