Bible Story: Coat of Many Colors

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Coat of many colors


Joseph, a young man of seventeen, was looking after the flock with his brothers, the son of Bilhah and the sons of Zilpah.  He gave his father a bad report about them.

Now Isreal loved Joseph more than the other sons because he had been born when his father was older.  His father also made him a coat of many colors.  When Joseph’s brothers found out about the garment, they became jealous of him and disliked him greatly.

Joseph had several dreams; one was that the moon and stars were bowing to him.  He told his brothers and father about his dream.  His father wondered about it,  but his brothers disliked him more than before because the dream could have meant that the brothers and his parents would have to bow down to him.

The story of Joseph is exciting!  Read Genesis 37:1-11 to find out what happened.

I hope you enjoy this Bible story as you find out what happened to Joseph and his coat of many colors.

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