Contact Information


Contact Information


Name:                  Bethel Baptist Church Youth Usherspicture bbyu

Location :

412 Fairview Street

Phoenixville, Pennsylvania   19460

Telephone No.    610-933-0560


Email Address:



Church:                Bethel Baptist Church

Website:              http://bethelbaptistchurch412.orgBethel Baptist Church picture of church

Location:             Same as above

Telephone No    Same as above


Reverend Nathan Coleman

Associate Ministers:

Reverend Gregory Thornton

Reverend Charlie Jackson

Reverend Marlene Wood

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Web Master                      Deidre

Company:                         Axial Marketing

Please use the comment form below or email as a means of contact.  We monitor them daily and answer all reasonable requests.  If you wish to find out about our church, please click on the picture of the church

Bethel Baptist Church picture of church


Please remember:

Those who walk with GodMay God bless you,



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