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Just for Girls

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There are many strong women in the Bible who served God faithfully and without question.  This post, Just for Girls, is about how one woman controlled an army 10,000 soldiers.

The word Judges in This Book means leader or ruler.  Deborah was a prophet who spoke on behalf of God.  Deborah was a judge who ruled the people of  Israel.

The people depended on Deborah so much so that General Barak, the leader of the army would not fight an enemy unless Deborah went with him.  Read Judges 4:1-10 to learn the complete account by clicking on the Bible above.

Deborah was an influential female in the Bible. Talk to a woman leader in your church.  Ask her how important serving God is to her and then try to explain to her how important serving God is to you.  I bet it will be an inspiring conversation.

I will sing to the Lord
I will sing.  I will make music
to the Lord.  The God of Israel.
Judges 5:3

Thank you and God bless you.

Love You,

Sister Doll Reed

President of the Youth Ushers

Bethel Baptist Church

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