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Proverbs 15:13 A Cheerful Face

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Proverbs 15:13
A happy heart makes the face cheerful. 

Holy Bible

The practice of one particular church was to dismiss the children in the Sunday morning service prior to the sermon.

The children would all march forward in a make-shift procession and sing a song as they passed the pulpit on their way to hear a sermon prepared just for them.


The pastor enjoyed this part of the service.  He made an effort to smile at each child and receive a smile in return.

To his surprise one morning a curly headed four-year-old girl ran out of the procession and threw herself into her mother’s arms sobbing deeply.

The pastor sought out the mother after the service to see what had happened.  He discovered that the child told her that she smiled at God, but her joy had then turned to torment when she thought the smile was not returned.

FishWe may think our smiles do not represent God to another person; however, they just might.  Genuine smiles are a sign of affirmation, appreciation, and love.  When you smile, it can bring hope and joy into someone’s situation.


Smile even when you do not feel like smiling, because, to someone, it may reflect God!


“A happy heart make the face cheerful.”  Proverbs 15:13.


Thank you for reading my post.

May God bless you,
Sister Gloria Reed,
President of the Youth Ushers


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