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The Art of Loving Kindness

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A teacher asked her pupils the meaning of loving kindness. A little boy jumped up and said, “Well if I were hungry and someone gave me a piece of bread, that would be kindness, but if they put a little jelly on it, that would be loving-kindness.

The Definition of Loving Kindness

  1. Kindness provides a house, but love makes a home
  2. Kindness sends a child to bed on time, but love tucks in the covers and provides a goodnight hug and kiss
  3. Kindness is doing what is necessary for the flow of life, but love is taking the extra step to make life truly exciting, creative and meaningful. Love is what makes life special.

Bless the Lord, O my soul who crown thee with loving kindness

And tender mercies, who satisfy they mouth with good things

Psalms 103:15

In kindness, write a thank you note to someone. Add a little love and laughter to it and maybe a photograph inside. It will make their day!


“Kind words can be short and easy to write, but their echoes are truly heartfelt.” – The Kind Kids

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