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The Best Solution for Any Problem

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Let Go Let God

The best solution may be closer than you think.

God raised up Ester from obscurity to become the queen of the entire land.  He gave her favor with everyone she met including the king because SHE believed in Him (God).

Ester trusted God save her and her people, the Jews, from being murdered by those who were who wanted to kill them.  She bravely went to the king for help although it may have meant surrendering her life.

FishWhat if you are in a situation of being bullied or harassed?  It is not wise to consider retaliation.  In many cases, revenge can only make the situation worse and may harm others instead of ending the original problem.

The best solution may be easier than you think.  Pray and ask God to give you the confidence and bravery to approach the right person who can help you through the circumstances you are facing – it may be a parent or a teacher.

FishAsk God for help before making any decisions because many times it is only God who can help you to make the right decisions and find the right people you may need to help you.

FishRead the story of Ester in Ester 2:15-17.  Please click on the Bible below to find the story of Ester.

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Pray for God’s favor in everything you do because nothing is too large or too small for God to handle!

FishMay God bless and keep you,
Sister Gloria Reed
President of the Youth Ushers

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