Youth Sunday School Lesson – Peter/Cornelius

Faith, Sharing the lesson

Gods love


The lesson is from Acts 11:1-18.  Please click on the picture of the Holy Bible to see the scripture from Bible Gateway.

In today’s lesson Peter, whose name was Simon, met with Cornelius and his family.  Cornelius and his family were not Jewish, they were Gentiles, and many Jews felt that Peter was committing a sin (going against God) by meeting with people who were not Jewish.

Peter explained that he saw a vision that provided many types of animal meat that he was instructed to eat.  Peter first said that he could not eat some of it because according to his teaching (laws), some of the meat was forbidden (unclean).

God explained to Peter that He made all things and that anything that comes from God is good.  What God told Peter about meat also meant the same for people.  All things come from God and the knowledge about Jesus should be shared so that all people can be saved through the knowledge that Jesus died for all of our sins.

CrossWhen Peter met with Cornelius and his family.  They all promptly believed in Jesus and received the gift of the Holy Spirit just as the Jewish Christians had.

All are welcome 2God offers salvation to anyone who asks!  We must share our lessons of how God saves anyone who is willing to listen and believe in the lessons about Jesus.  We should not become upset (get in the way) when someones shares our teachings with others who may have different beliefs from ours.

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