Youth Sunday School Lesson – Saul

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Bible ChildrenThis lesson was taken from Acts Chapter 9 versus 10 to 31. 
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Saul was a Jew who captured and jailed Christians because he that they were delivering the wrong message about Got.  He thought he was obeying God until one day on his way to Damascus Jesus spoke to him in the form of an angel and asked him why he was so mean to Christians.

Preach means to speak to people about something important.

After that moment Saul realized the Jesus was the Son of God and his life was changed forever.  Instead of harming Christians, Saul began to preach about Jesus.

When a person meets Jesus they can really change!

The Jews could not understand why Saul had changed and the Christian did not trust Saul because of his change at first.  The Jews plotted to kill Saul, but Saul always learned about the plan in time to get away.  Also a  Christian named Barnabas, a respected Christian, told others that Saul had really changed.

The meaning of the lesson:  Jesus can change anyone’s life.  All that we have to do is believe in Him.


picture bbyuHave a great day and may God Bless you and Haven smile on you!

D Tierney



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