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Magic ShowThe title of this weeks lesson was “Get it Right.”  Simon was a magician whom people admired.  In this week’s lesson,  Simon though that he could buy God’s power (The Holy Spirit) from the apostles, Peter and John, so that people would like him.  That was wrong because the Holy Spirit is a gift from God.

The Holy Spirit is only given to those who truly believe in Jesus and use it to glorify God.


Simon was sorry for asking to buy the Holy Spirit for selfish reasons.  He asked Peter to pray for God to forgive him.  He also prayed for forgiveness.

  God will forgive you for anything – all you have to do is ask Him to forgive you.


In this lesson I learned that your cannot buy love, power, or friendship OR the Holy Ghost no matter how much money you may have.


This is the main scripture of the lesson taken from the Adventure Bible:

Bible ChildrenAdventure Bible

You have no part to share in this ministry because your heart is not right before God. Acts 8:9

*All Youth Sunday School Lessons are taken from Adventures with Jesus Junior Sunday School Quarterly and Young Learners (International Lesson Series).

Click on this Bible to go to Bible Gateway and view Acts 8:9-25


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